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Wars- Till now, two world wars have already taken place. These wars have not only taken away the lives of inncocent people,but also have destroyed the cities. The main cause of these wars is INIMICAL. We,though the creations of one God, lack the feeling of brotherhood among ourselves. We never want the welfare of others. Inspite of two wars, we have still not realized our mistakes. Now the threat even of a third world war is on our mind. Are we all born for this only?

SCIENCE-this is a very common word used now a days.No existence of mankind would have possible without Science. Nothing is possible in modern age without the use of Science. Nowadays, Science is also taught to students at an early age in schools. This is a very good practice. We should know atleast the basic concepts of Science. We cannot imagine our life without the existence of Science. Life started with Science,is working on Science and will end with Science. We express our regards to the great scientists whose work has made our life easier and comfortable. With the help of science, we are able to use many scientific machines. Science has made our life easier and faster.i am,thankful to scientests for helping us tobecome what we are today ie modern,scientific and improved

My Philosophy of a teacher:- What makes a good instructor? There are lots of factors, which determine the answer to this question, and one of the most important aspects of being a good teacher is, I believe, the teaching strategy of a teacher. I think that teachers play a very important role in molding the career of a student emotionally, technically and intellectually. A good teacher is a person who works with a single powerful goal in mind: working for the best interests of all the students, which help them, succeed socially and academically.

Cartoons are great because they're easy to watch and always a bit of fun. They're just the thing when you need some lighthearted humour. Popeye's the best character. He's always being knocked around and beaten up, then out pops a can of spinach and he wins the fight. I wouldn't want to take him on in a rugby match after he'd had some spinach. I think I could beat him before he'd opened the can, but I wouldn't stand a chance after he'd downed that spinach. Maybe we should try it before our next match. 

CUISINE OF INDIA:- The multiple families of Indian cuisine are characterized by their sophisticated and subtle use of many spices and herbs. Each family of this cuisine is characterized by a wide assortment of dishes and cooking techniques. Though a significant portion of Indian food is vegetarian, many traditional Indian dishes also include chicken, goat, lamb, fish, and other meats. Food is an important part of Indian culture, playing a role in everyday life as well as in festivals. In many families, everyday meals are usually sit-down affairs consisting of two to three main course dishes, varied accompaniments such as chutneys and pickles, carbohydrate staples such as rice and roti (bread), as well as desserts.

~~The Value Of Newspaper~~ The importance of reading a newspaper cannot be denied.It is not wrong to day that without a newspaper life is as darkas sea-shore without a light house;as dry as a field without rain;as barren as a river without water;as dull and miseravle as a man without eyesight.Really a newspaper occupies very important place in everyone's life in the modern civilized world.Backwards are those who can afford and miss the reading of a newspaper.having read the newspaper a common man knowns very well about the important events which are talking place around him.Through newspaper he can know the prices of comsumer's goods,about train timings etc.

The roads are the most important means of transportation.They play a very inportant role in our life.Through roads we go from one place to another easily and quickly.Inrural areas we have small kachcha roads as well as pucca roads.There is a network of pucca roads in town and cities.All kinds of vehicles busy day and night on these roads.Goodroads make the transportation easy and convenient.

Diwali - A Festival of Lights Diwali is known as the 'Festival of Lights'. It is a Hindu Festival. Diwali is celebrated to mark the day when Lord Ram came to Ayodhya. After 14 years of exile. Lord Ram went on an exile because his cruel step-mother, Kaikayi wanted her own son Bharata to become king of Ayodhya. Kaikayi forced King Dasharata to send Rama to forest for 14 years. To celebrate Diwali we buy new clothes, firecrackers, sweets, etc. We also meet our relatives and friends on Diwali. At dusk we do puja of Goddess Lakshmi. We also give food, clothes, money and other useful things to the poor. Some days before Diwali we burn statues of evil King Ravana. This is because Lord Rama defeated him. Thus, Diwali is a festival which celebrates victory of good over evil.

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